At Prof Quebec Plus, we are proud to encourage and promote local talent. The first artist we are happy to have you discover is Ms. Sylvie Vachon. Here are four of her paintings you can see at our school!



Les écolières (14" X 18")

Oil painting 





La violoncelliste (18" X 24")

Sorry! Already sold!






Après la pluie, le beau temps (10" X 14")

Dried pastel reproduction from Ginette Laplante  








Concerto (8" X 10")

Graphite reproduction from Tilly Milton 


As you can see, all of the paintings / drawings are for sale. Each time we sell one, the artist sends us a new one. A catalog of all her work is available upon request. Any artist looking for a chance to be seen by a larger crowd is also welcomed to contact us at any time. May all that talent be appreciated by as many people as possible!