Help your kids achieve greater success at school!

Whether you need it only occasionally or daily, our homework assistance program is very flexible!

Why Learn English?

There are numerous reasons to learn a second language in our modern world. Whether you wish to travel, get a promotion at work, improve school grades, or just understand the world that surrounds you, it will open new doors.

Have you ever wanted to learn an instrument, or even to record a demo?

No matter whether you're a beginner, or an experienced musician, we will help you achieve your goals!

Prof Quebec Plus is a learning centre that specializes in:


English as a Second Language

Conversation, grammar, writing, interview or exam planning. Private or group classes with pre-determined or personalized content at our office, at your home, or at your office.





Learn piano and synthetizers, or string instruments(acoustic, classical, electric, bass and mandolin). Songwriting workshops, recording sessions and mastering.



Homework Assistance

Available for primary school(all subjects) and high school(English, French, Music and other subjects upon request).

You may choose to combine various services, for instance by following a piano lesson in English in which you would write a song in order to record and produce a demo.